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Tax Abatements

 Pursuant to Section 312.002 of the Texas Tax Code, Jefferson County Drainage District No. 7 (“the District”) has established guidelines and criteria governing tax abatement agreements.   The District has adopted the policy of the Jefferson County Amended Uniform Tax Abatement Policy-2020 established by the Jefferson County Commissioners Court as its tax abatement policy.  The District will mirror the terms and conditions of the County’s tax abatement policy and will update its policy every two (2) years following the adoption of the Resolution(s) listed below.


Notice of Tax Abatement Consideration-Arbor Renewable Gas
Notice of Tax Abatement Consideration-Arbor Renewable Gas.pdf


Notice of Amended Tax Abatement Consideration
Notice of Amended Tax Abatement Consideration.pdf


2020 Tax Abatement
1-2020 Tax Abatement Resolution_1.pdf
2-Jefferson County Tax Abatement Policy-2020_1.pdf
3-Emerald Biofuels Notice of Tax Abatement Consideration_1.pdf
4-GT Logistics Notice of Tax Abatement Consideration_2.pdf